Hot Cereal

One day this week, I hurried into the lunch room between meetings at work to refill my ever present water bottle and to get a quick cup of oatmeal. I noticed a woman whom I had never seen before standing at the microwave where she had just removed a bowl. The bowl contained some kind

Simple Things

This afternoon I just took a few pictures of things around my house that make me feel happy and content.The classic blue and white color scheme in my house is pure me!In my downstairs bathrom I display an assortment of shells that I brought back from Mexico. The little plaque behind the sink says "Life


I love the smell of a hot iron on cotton. It takes me back to when life was lived at a slower pace. When time was spent on a hot summer afternoon ironing shirts. A warm breeze whispering through the curtains making them dance and sway, a distant sound of a lawn mower providing the

Driving Lessons

I believe that God has lessons for us everywhere if we only have eyes to see them.Tonight I was driving home from work, and got behind a car that was going 40 on the highway where the speed limit was 60. What I noticed about this vehicle (other than the slow pace at which it

Summer Memories

It's over 90 degrees this afternoon and I am loving it! Of course, I probably love it more because I have the luxury of an air conditioned home and an air conditioned vehicle to drive! But right now I am sitting on my lawn swing enjoying the heat and drinking some iced tea. I can

Anticipating Home

Last year we moved from the city where we had lived for about 30 years. It has been adjustment in many, many ways and there have been lonely times - it's not easy to build new relationships. A few months ago I had an opportunity to drive back to the city where we used to


Today I saw two things that brought fear into my heart.This morning when I came out of Starbucks I saw four Canada geese flying in what looked to me like a southerly direction.This afternoon when I turned into our community I saw yellow leaves on the ground in the children's play area.Now I know it's