A Charmin Moment

Yesterday I came home from work and was greeted as usual with boundless enthusiasm by Maya and Chelsea. Little did I know that they were keeping a secret from me, as I got down on the floor and greeted them and wrestled with them for a minute before heading over for our traditional after-work treat.

Celebrating today!

Today Gerry and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary! This morning before we got up, we reminisced about the past ten years and all the change that they have brought. There is no way we could have predicted where we would be today! Though I'm one who likes my routine, I am so thankful for

Thankful Thursday

I've got to confess that I've been feeling down in the dumps lately. Today, I'm going to battle that blah feeling with gratitude, which is one of the best blah-busters that there is.So......today I am thankful for:Despite many staff cuts, pay freezes, no more 401(k) match, more work, fewer people, I am very thankful for


We have been going through a difficult time at work and many amazing people are losing their jobs. Amidst all this chaos have emerged people with integrity and character. Would you expect the person losing a job to comfort the individual delivering the bad news? How about someone who was just told they were losing

Why am I writing my memoir?

I have to confess that I feel a bit awkward telling anyone that I'm working on my memoir. There's a little voice inside of my head that whispers "You're no one important. Why do you need to write a memoir?"It's true that I am just an ordinary woman who has lived a relatively ordinary life,