I’ve been thinking about buns. Fresh baked, still hot from the oven, butter melting, heavenly smelling, buns. My mom used to bake bread and buns when I was a child and I can still remember what a treat it was for the senses to come home from school on the days when she baked. The […]


We all have them. It’s true that some are larger and more obvious than others, but the smaller subtle ones are no less valuable. I am talking about our personal gifts.When my son was twelve years old, he watched a TV program that showed how to build an Adirondack chair. After the program was over […]


I feel like Tim Allen this afternoon. Do you remember his TV show called Home Improvement? I used to love the passion he had when he described one of his high powered gadgets. Remember that little rruurruurr growl he would give?Well check out this bad girl that I just picked up this afternoon. She’s an […]

Fickle Friend

Have I done something wrong? I don’t understand why you seem to have deserted me. I know you’re still around because I hear stories of you meeting with others I know. Over the years our relationship has been fairly consistent. Oh sure, there were the occasional times when I was a young college girl when […]

The enemy of the best

Today I am thinking about the phrase the good is often the enemy of the best. In this fast-paced world it very easy for one to become over-committed to very good projects with all the best intentions. Unfortunately, all too often we also find ourselves running on empty and not giving our very best to […]

What Not to Wear

Do you ever watch that program on TLC called What Not to Wear? I tune in occasionally when they feature someone who is, shall we say, mature. Every once in a while I learn something that is helpful in dressing this aging body of mine. A few days ago they featured a woman of about […]