Knit Wit

I am trying to learn how to knit.  People have been telling me how relaxing that they find it, and goodness knows that I'm in the market for some relaxation techniques.So, on Sunday afternoon I took a little trip to the store and picked up a learn-to-knit book, some needles and yarn.  Then I settled

Elevator Woes

Writers sometimes refer to it as the "elevator synopsis". It is a concise summary of their book that they have prepared in advance. The reference to an elevator means that the description has to be short enough so that it could be used if the author was asked about his piece while in an elevator

Trees and Seasons

As I drive into my neighborhood lately I am taken aback with the stunning display of various kinds of trees in brilliant autumn splendor. I can't help but slow down so I can enjoy the various shades of orange, red, and yellow before me.My enjoyment of the brilliance of the change of seasons this year

Creature of Habit

I have just have travelled over three-hundred miles to visit my optometrist, the same optometrist I have had since I was eighteen years old.When we moved to Washington three years ago I thought about finding a new eye doctor here, but Dr. Hampton and I have been through so much together. He understands my eyes,

The Autumn

It's a blustery October day today and I'm enjoying the fall weather. As I sat at my desk this afternoon I saw a flock of geese flying overhead and heard their honking farewell. The crows have been frantic in the trees outside of my window, perhaps preparing for a fall storm.It's interesting that last year


I have been thinking about our fast-paced lifestyles and the effects of stress on our bodies. Yesterday, I had occasion to speak with someone who had just returned from eight days in Hawaii. Not just eight days in Hawaii, but eight days with no itinerary, no plans, no schedules, just beach time and reading time.