A few days ago I mentioned two words that I was looking forward to - retirement eligible. Lately, I have been thinking about retirement in general. At one point in my life, when I was much younger and more naive, I looked at that stage in life very differently than I do now. I thought

The Power of Memoir

This morning I had something in my mind that I planned to share, but I decided to save that for another day after I came upon the following.It is an act of courage and personal power to dare to write the truths you hold, to carve a space in the vast realms of time and

Birthday Milestones

Yesterday was my fifty-first birthday.  It was as quiet day, no fuss and no muss, just the way I wanted it.  Gerry bought me a big comfy manager chair for my office, there were birthday greetings from family and friends, and a special piece of turtle cheesecake after dinner, but all-in-all it was a day


I'm working at home this morning. I've got some things to do for the upcoming Stories from the Heart conference, some personal paperwork to tend to, research to do, phone calls to make, and of course I'll be working on my book. It's quiet up here in my office, where the click click of the

All Consuming

It has taken over my life.The book that I am working on has begun to consume almost every waking moment.  When I wake up in the middle of the night, as I'm prone to do, I find myself thinking about where in the story I am working and where I'm going with it the next day. 

Two Trunks

I've got two of these.  The first, the larger of the two, is the keeper of many childhood memories I hold dear.  I can easily spend an hour or more poring over it's contents, and it's very likely that tears will flow before I reluctantly replace everything and close the lid.Tucked inside are treasures like