I am the Distribution Editor for Story Circle Book Reviews which means I have the pleasure of receiving books from publishers, which I then send out to a member of our top-notch review team to read and review.  (By the way if you are looking for something good to read be sure to check out our site!  It's

Through the Eyes of a Child

Oh, to see life through the eyes of a child again!What causes you to feel a sense of wonder and awe?What makes you feel the joy of childhood again?For me it's being with my grandchildren,playing with my dogs,watching my garden come alive in spring,the ferocity of the rainstorm that is currently passing overhead,the peace of

Two of Me

My friend Susan Ideus has a post on her blog right now about the dichotomy of the two Susans that, in many ways, parallels my own struggles with the two Lindas in my life at the moment.If you are perhaps struggling with something similar, why don't you pop over to Susan's Being Me - Beliefs,

Manderley – Part 4

As we drive away from the small town after talking with the Realtor, my tears began to fall.  Gerry and I have spent countless hours over the past number of months talking about Manderley.  We came prepared - there is a check tucked inside of Gerry's wallet meant to accompany the offer to purchase, but despite our love

Manderley – Part 3

We stand at the edge of the marsh together, then Gerry suggests a walk toward the high point on the land a short distance away.  Together we step across the stubble left from last years's crop of canola.  Foolishly, I've worn sandals and the short sharp remnants of the canola leave scratches on my legs. Tangible