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Back Away from the Blogger Dashboard

I’ve been tweaking again. It’s like eating potato chips (which I have stopped doing as I try to lower my cholesterol and lose weight), but I can’t stop at just one change. If I make one tiny change, I see other things that “need” to be adjusted and I can happily while away an hour changing the […]

Evening Commute

I rounded the corner and there it was – traffic. Far as my eye could see in front of me there was traffic backed up. I grumble to myself. Generally I have a great commute. It takes me about 12 minutes to get to work in the morning because I leave home shortly after 6:00 […]

Sweet Summer Memories

Sweet Summer Memories

Big thanks to Kim,  Dawn, Angie, Kat, and Janna who dropped by while I was on vacation last week! I knew that I was leaving The Velvet Room in good hands with these talented women holding down the fort! Why is it that it takes so much work to get ready to go on vacation and so much time to get caught up with […]

Guest Post – Janna Qualman

My guest today is Janna Qualman from Something She Wrote with a piece of flash fiction that is dear to my heart. You’ll understand why when you finish reading! Settle back with your favorite summertime treat and enjoy Janna’s piece. She’d been nine miles out when her check engine light came on; five when she felt […]

Guest Post – Kathryn Magendie

I’m happy to introduce Kathryn Magendie to you this morning. I have long appreciated Kat’s sense of humor and have been delighted with her books Tender Graces and Secret Graces. Sit back, grab a glass of cold sweet tea (or whatever your favorite summertime beverage is) and enjoy Kat’s very own sweet summer memory surge. Memory Surges: What Words […]

Guest Post - Angie Ledbetter

Guest Post – Angie Ledbetter

We have company in the Velvet Room today! Angie Ledbetter, also known as Gumbo Writer has stopped by! If you have not yet had an opportunity to visit her blog, I encourage you to stop by. You’ll find that she’s got a heart the size of Louisiana and a sense of humor to match. She’s always got […]

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