• A "Grand" Life!
  • The Year of the Memoir

    As an adoptee I’ve often speculated about which of my characteristics and personality traits are the result of the gene pool I came from as opposed to the environment I grew up in. Is the reason I’ve never enjoyed large gatherings and parties because people in my tribe are naturally quiet and enjoy solitude? Is […]

  • Adoption
  • Found Money

    I received an email recently from a woman who stumbled across A Slice of Life Writing while doing research about adoption and birth mothers. Through a chain of events she discovered, and subsequently informed me, of a modest sum of money in a bank account that had belonged to my birth mother. You hear about these […]

  • Adoption
  • Open Adoption

    Today, I’m delighted to share this video trailer of a book called Open Adoption, Open Heart written by the adoptive father of two beautiful children, and fellow-contributor to Adoption Voices Magazine, Russell Elkins. Stories like this, and people like Russell, give me hope for the future of adoption. His children will never have to wonder what […]

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  • Fall Update

    There’s no longer any denying it: today is the first day of autumn and summer is over. With the passing of summer my thoughts turn from gardening and other summer pleasures back to writing projects. I regret that writing has taken a backseat in my life for the past few months. I don’t regret the […]

  • Adoption
  • Found

    Less than two weeks ago I wrote about searching for my birth mother’s grave. Today, I can report that the mystery of her final resting place has been solved but the mysteries, in general, continue. My husband (bless his heart) was able to talk with two people associated with the church and cemetery and learned […]

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  • Searching. Still Searching.

    Where are you Mother, I mutter as I walk down another row in the cemetery. Are you still hiding from me? I scan the headstones, bending down now and then to brush grass off of one in order to read the inscription. Searching. Still searching. “How do you feel about seeing your birth mother’s grave?” Gerry […]