• It's a "Grand" Life!
  • The Morning After

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    I walk through the rooms in my silent home gathering treasures. A doll dress and bonnet on a stool; papers, markers and crayons on the coffee table; pink and white plastic flowers twisted together in a bouquet; a plastic doll’s baby bottle; wooden popsicle sticks left over from a craft activity; containers of sparkles; so […]

  • A Life of Gratitude
  • Welcome 2016!

    Are you as relieved as I am to have the holidays behind us? December was one of those “interesting” months for me–one of those “best of times, worst of times” kind of thing. It started off very difficult for me for reasons I won’t go into, but things changed mid-month when our granddaughter came to […]

  • It's a "Grand" Life!
  • Grandma’s Cool Stuff

    We were blessed yesterday to enjoy a brief visit from two of our grandchildren and their mom. What a joy it was to spend time doing simple things like tossing a tennis ball, blow bubbles, and just hang out. These are the things forever-memories are made of. Our grandson was enthralled with a solar-powered butterfly […]

  • Aging and Life
  • Washing Dishes

    I spent this morning unpacking, washing, and putting away my mother’s American Beauty china. It was a meditative time as I stood at the kitchen sink gently washing, rinsing, and drying each dish. Remembering. Mom kept her treasured china in a cabinet and brought it out only for special occasions like birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Christmas or when friends […]

  • Family Life
  • Solitude and Silence

    According to the media today is Black Friday, one of the busiest shopping days of the year and the day that heralds the unofficial beginning of the holiday shopping season. I have not even the slightest desire to venture out into the mayhem I expect we’ll see portrayed on the evening news tonight though I did […]

  • It's a "Grand" Life!
  • Wickedly Jealous

    I saw you this morning and I couldn’t help but stare as you stood beside the back door of your car waiting. As I walked across the parking lot toward you I guessed at what you might be waiting for; I’ve seen that look before. I drew near and my assumption was confirmed as I watched […]

  • A Fun Life
  • Time Out

    Gerry and I have been on vacation for the past eight days. We traveled back to Canada at the beginning of our time off to spend some time with kids and one special granddaughter. Good company, good weather, and great food: my son is an awesome cook and feeds us well when we visit. On our […]

  • A Fun Life
  • MIA

    Well, I’m not really missing in action but I’ve fallen off of my regular posting schedule due to two things: my trip to Cleveland to present at the American Adoption Congress conference and, after being home only two days, a trip to the happiest place on earth for me, to visit my grandchildren. I’ll resume […]

  • A Fun Life
  • On Vacation

    For a number of years Gerry and I were blessed to be able to take a winter vacation and escape to the sunshine. Then, four years ago something happened that put a stop to our tropical getaways. A grandson. Followed, six months later, by a granddaughter. It’s true what they say: a baby changes everything. […]