Special Guests

Guest Post - Barbara Techel

Guest Post – Barbara Techel

Today I’m delighted to introduce you to Barbara Techel. Barbara’s recently released book, Through Frankie’s Eyes, is the touching story of how a sweet little dachshund named Frankie, helped her find a sense of purpose and significance. I had the honor of reading this tender story a few weeks ago and I highly recommend it. […]

Guest Post - Sonia Korn

Guest Post – Sonia Korn

I’m pleased to welcome memoirist and singer Sonia Korn today. At the age of eight, Sonia was declared an enemy of the German State. She and her family were given a grim option: find a way to disappear, or be rounded up and sent to certain death. Sonia’s Song is the story of a little […]

Guest Post - Madeline Sharples

Guest Post – Madeline Sharples

I’m pleased to welcome Madeline Sharples to A Slice of Life Writing today. Madeline’s memoir,  Leaving the Hall Light On: A Mother’s Memoir of Living with Her Son’s Bipolar Disorder and Surviving His Suicide , charts the near-destruction of one middle-class family whose oldest son committed suicide after a seven-year struggle with bipolar disorder.     Welcome […]

Guest Post - Destiny Allison

Guest Post – Destiny Allison

Today I’m pleased to welcome artist and author Destiny Allison to A Slice of Life Writing. Shaping Destiny, is the inspiring story of her life from the creation of her first sculpture to her acceptance into a prominent Santa Fe art gallery. The book recounts her journey from traditional female roles to self-actualization and independence and how […]

Guest Post - Joanne DeMaio

Guest Post – Joanne DeMaio

I’m delighted to welcome Joanne DeMaio to A Slice of Life Writing today. Joanne was one of the first people I met online when I first started my blog four years ago. Over the years I’ve enjoyed learning more about living a choice life and owning our choices from her. More recently I’ve been celebrating […]

Guest Post - Mary McCarthy

Guest Post – Mary McCarthy

Today I’m pleased to welcome journal therapy specialist Mary McCarthy to A Slice of Life Writing. Mary first started journaling as a form of therapy to deal with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). She credits her daily practice, not only with introducing her to her creative self, but also with curing an assortment of spiritual, mental, and psychophysical […]