The burden that comes from putting one mud-heavy foot in front of the other day after day grows troublesome. I should make a list, I think. Spend time ruminating on simple happy things. Or maybe there’s a better way. Be still. Listen. Words, overused, have lost something of their meaning. Try another: Divine. An old-fashioned stringing

Dream Small

My hands grip the steering wheel, my throat is tight, and a single tear forms and falls from the corner of my eye. I don’t wipe it away, but allow it to meander down my cheek as testimony to what has hurt me. I stop at a red light, and as I’m waiting I notice


It’s an odd little day, Tuesday. Sandwiched between the rushing lions Monday releases and the I-think-I-can determination of Wednesday, Tuesday is an exhalation. We keep appointments, make plans, cross things off our get-stuff-done list, and in it all there’s a sense of everything being Tuesday-ish. I’ll spend the morning in the woman cave blasting rock

This is Monday

It’s the first Monday in June, the sixth since I transitioned to retirement re-imagined. Seven years ago on this day, jarred awake by an alarm before dawn, my mind on the day’s work before my feet hit the floor, I was running and getting ready to head out on the interstate to my corporate office. This


  We live on a ridge with an unobstructed view across the valley to the hills on the other side. That view is the first thing I set my eyes upon every morning. Sometimes I get lost in it. From where I sit, sipping soy milky frothy coffee in the comfort of our sleigh bed, I


It turns windy as we retire for the evening, and the curtains in the bedroom dance next to the open door and window. Maya, our Yorkie, is not pleased. She has never liked wind. She claims her space at the top corner of our bed, next to where I lay my head. It is farthest

The Heat is On

It’s hot—almost, but not quite, Kamloops summer hot. The temperature gauge in the car reads 34 Celsius (that’s 93 Fahrenheit) when I’m on the way home. I put the groceries away and water my flowers, then gather a book and my glasses and head out to the deck. A bear in the yard shakes things