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Uncle Bill's Mustard

Uncle Bill’s Mustard

One of the flavours I remember best from childhood was the homemade mustard Uncle Bill made. Summertime meals were simple back then: a plate of cold cuts, white bread or homemade buns, assorted pickles, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, butter, and a variety of condiments. I always reached for the little baby food jar filled with […]

Canning BBQ Beans

Canning – Barbecue Beans

I’ve tried a few recipes for canning barbecue beans and have been less than thrilled with them. Last fall I came across this recipe from sbcanning (a site I recommend for all things canning) and tucked it away in my “to try” pile. This week I finally got around to trying it and–oh my–it was […]

Moroccan Preserved Lemons

Moroccan Preserved Lemons

When I first heard about Moroccan Preserved Lemons I was intrigued. They sounded exotic, a unique ingredient to use in new recipes, and simple to make. I had to try them. It was mid-October when I posted a photo of the mason jar with preserved lemons that I had just assembled on Facebook. The response […]

Meatless Monday - Simple Spaghetti Squash Supper

Meatless Monday – Simple Spaghetti Squash Supper

One of the great things about winter squash is that it keeps for a long time without any care other than storing it in a cool place. I’ve got a handful of butternut and spaghetti squash in my laundry room–since it seems to be the coolest room in the house right now. The other night […]

Vegetable Stock - Something  From Nothing

Vegetable Stock – Something From Nothing

If I were living on a farm I might feed my veggie peelings to the goats or the hogs. If we didn’t live in bear country, or if it wasn’t the middle of winter, I might toss them in the compost bin. Instead I save my scraps to feed my worms and they, in turn, […]

Chocolate: Not Just For Desert Anymore

From time to time I may bring you some information about products I use and enjoy–and I love to showcase Canadian companies like this one.  Please note that this post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through a link in this post I may receive a nominal compensation that helps support this site. It’s January and we’re […]

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