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September 26, 2012 · 9 comments

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In recent year’s I’ve dreaded the passing of summer and the transition into fall. Perhaps it’s because I know the dark rainy season is coming, perhaps its a mourning for the loss of long summer evenings spent on the patio, whatever the reason I’ve mumbled and grumbled my way into fall.

This year I’m sensing a change. I’ve been focusing on supporting local vendors, eating produce in season, and voting with my pocketbook for natural and organic food. As a result, we don’t eat tomatoes in winter (or those red balls they call tomatoes that really taste nothing like one picked fresh from the garden) and we don’t eat cabbage in the summer. We eat what’s in season and, as much as possible, what’s grown locally.

I’ve gotten into preserving food by dehydrating, freezing and canning and have set a personal goal to eliminate all store-bought canned food from our home.

On the weekend we went to our market, Carpinito Brothers, where they sell a vast array of locally grown produce and flowers and plants.

A visit to Carpinito is a feast for the eyes with a promise of a feast for the stomach that you know will come later. We enjoyed delicata squash (my favorite squash) for dinner on Saturday night, I canned and froze tomatoes on Sunday (we will be eating tomatoes in the winter but they’ll be ones that were grown locally and preserved by yours truly), and enjoyed roasted root veggies for dinner on meatless Monday.

Fall is the only time we can enjoy things like a variety of  squash and roasted root vegetables. Embracing the change of seasons, it seems, is yet another benefit of eating locally and in season.

A healthy diet, a sense of doing the right thing, an appreciation for the work of farmers, and now, an appreciation for fall. I think I’m on to something!

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