Monday, July 3, 2017

“Invisible people see invisible things.”

~Sarah E. Morin, Waking Beauty

There’s a woman I encounter on a regular basis who never acknowledges me. She seems to be an outgoing lady with lots of friends and acquaintances but, for some reason, I’m invisible to her. Maybe her dance card is full enough.

It’s started to bother me though and I’m making it my mission to get into her sphere of awareness–in my own quiet way, of course. I’m starting off by praying for her this morning because I believe there’s a reason why she’s on my mind and why it bugs me so much when she walks by me without making eye contact.

I’ll start there.

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  1. A beautiful, grace-filled beginning…

  2. I am intrigued…and cannot wait to see what your process is to get this woman to notice or acknowledge you.

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