Saturday, June 24, 2017

“Take time to see the quiet miracles that seek no attention”

~ John O’Donohue

The stillness of the predawn morning.

Fresh bread on the kitchen counter.

A hummingbird at the feeder.

The gift of another day.

A ladybug in the garden.

Herbs drying on the kitchen table.

Flowers on my windowsill.

Simple happy.

Appreciating the now rather than looking ahead. Well, maybe looking ahead just a bit. Bubbles of anticipation gurgling for the days to come.

Welcome and thank you for stopping by. I post early every morning: a quote that speaks to me, one of my photos, and a few words about . . . well . . . whatever is on my mind at that particular time.
  1. Simple happy. Visiting my brother and SIL in another state. No work for two weeks. Nap today.

    1. Perfect, Karen!! I hope you’re enjoying a wonderful time with your family.

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