Being Still With Nature

I'm behind in the Be Still - Fifty Two class but I'm not stressing about it. Stressing would defeat the purpose of a class that's all about taking time for quiet, being still, breathing, and finding a place of peace in which to create; so I'm muddling along and trusting that I'll catch up when

Cloudy Day

It's cool here today--a contrast to the unseasonably warm weather we've been enjoying--and I've spent the afternoon indoors. I've been thinking about the women who attended the writing group I facilitated for a few years when we lived in Washington State and the stories we shared. Perhaps it's time for me to start a similar

Being Still

I've been busy--as evidenced by my absence from this blog. Nothing in particular going on. Just life. And so when circumstances conspired to give me the gift of a day filled with nothing but silence and solitude I gratefully accepted it with open hands. I took advantage of the time to play with a couple