Thursday, April 27, 201

A faint smell of lilac filled the air. There was always lilac in this part of town. Where there were grandmothers, there was always lilac.

~ Laura Miller

There’s just something about lilacs, isn’t there?

I’m watching them closer than ever this year, and taking time to capture their growth in photos. The practice has become a perfect illustration of the joy there is to be found in simplicity and stillness.

We’re heading into a busy couple of days–there’s great joy to be found there for a season too.

Balance and blessing: those are the themes of my day today.

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  1. Just yesterday, we finally saw new growth on a lilac we brought with us from our last home (from July ’16). Your picture is stunning!

  2. Very beautiful photo. Balance and Blessing – Those are good thoughts for today. thank you

    1. Thanks so much, Karen.

  3. The rich scent from a bouquet of lilacs fills the air in Grandma’s kitchen.

  4. Lilacs…a buzz word for me. Always reminds me of my mom. Always reminds me…she’d cut branches from her many lilac bushes and put them in the house…the smell! Oh, how I love that smell! How I love those memories!

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