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whatever-1I was in my office this afternoon preparing a blog post. Just back from having spent a pleasant hour in my garden, I was considering the blessing we are enjoying of having the gift of time. Time to call our own, time to fill as we desire, time stretching out in front of us full of possibilities.

I was thinking about how the passing of time has changed in the short while since we retired. A few days ago on my morning walk I realized that the last time I had the luxury of being able to take regular walks in the springtime, the sun warm on my shoulders, the scent of honeysuckle perfuming the air, was when my children were preschoolers, before my time was filled with school work and then a career. How blessed I felt to be able to reclaim the gift of having time for morning walks.

This afternoon I spent an hour in my garden puttering around with tasks that, had I hurried, could have been completed in mere minutes. With the luxury of time on my side I was able to walk through the garden and observe the new growth in other’s plots, take note of new structures and new plants that have been added since I was there last. I considered where I plan to plant my tomato plants in a few weeks and marked the spots with tomato cages; then I changed my mind and rearranged them. I planted a dozen marigolds, companions for my future tomato plants. I planted two pepper plants I’ve grown from seed. I watered, I dreamed, I was content.

Then, back at home as I sat at my computer composing this post Gerry returned from a walk and came into my office, pulled over a chair and sat down next to me, a few tears falling from his eyes. He had just received a phone call that was a stark reminder that time is a fleeting thing and that there are no guarantees about how much time is allocated to each of us.

We are reminded that every day is a gift. Our hearts are heavy as we face saying farewell to a loved one far, far too soon.

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