Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Every journey to something is a journey away from something,

Matthew Kelly

It pops up, as a reminder: four years ago today was the last Friday I spent in the office before we retired and repatriated to Canada. It seems like a lifetime ago.

I wrote, at the time, of my desire to “live one good day at a time” in retirement (words borrowed from author, Shirley Showalter). That’s a goal I am achieving.

Living one good day at a time means, first and most importantly, honouring my Creator.

I do this, with intention, by taking time to read and meditate upon scripture and spend time in prayer. I do it when I spend time capturing  God’s glory in a photograph, or use words to convey a truth I’ve learned. I do it when I facilitate a Bible study or gather with women to pray.

I also do it when I am simply living the life I’ve been gifted with and delighting in ordinary moments that become extraordinary when I pay attention. Whether I’m cooking  a meal, washing a dish, reading a novel, hugging a grandchild, laughing with a friend, or tending my garden; these things, done with intention and gratitude, constitute a life lived well.

And a life lived well honours the Giver of life.

Simple. Happy. Grateful.

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  1. Yours are sweet, inspiring words. Thank you.

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