Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Mistakes are proof that you’re trying.

Ernest Hemingway

It turns, unexpectedly, into an unpleasant busy day and nothing gets done that I intended to get done.

I lose my peace; I lose my mind.

Later there are apologies to my husband, my Yorkie, and my God. They all forgive; they all still love me.

Prayer restores peace.

Today, a busy day of a different sort ending with an overnight visit from our son.

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  1. The Hemingway post is comforting to me today. This past year has been full of missteps and detours, mostly because I am learning new things, I think, especially in the digital world. Brava to you and all in your tribe who TRY each day be of use – and most of all, content to BE!

    1. Mistakes, messy as they can be, do teach us, don’t they? I suppose the only way not to make any would be to not to try new things and remain stagnant which seems to be the antithesis of stillness. I think I’ll take the mistakes, I suspect you will too. 😉

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