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January 20, 2014 · 10 comments

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I’m home alone sitting in a silence surrounded by boxes and a general pre-move mess. Gerry and I worked hard over the weekend sorting and packing. I feel good about the progress made but today my body is weary from the weekend’s activities. I am thankful for a day to rest.

There are many details to keep track of as we are on this journey to retiring, relocating, and repatriating. One of these thing on it’s own would involve it’s own manner of organization. All three together are crazy-making at times. I’ve got a black notebook that has become my constant companion filled with lists and lists within lists. I’m surrounded by calendars, Post-It notes, and a plethora of paperwork (oh my, the paperwork) to manage all of the transitions.

Saturday was a beautiful sunshiny day that we spent mostly inside packing. I’m the kind of person who, when she sets her eyes on a goal, is not easily diverted from the task at hand. It took some persuading on the part of my husband, but in the afternoon we took a break and took Maya for a walk around the neighbourhood. The time spent walking in the sunshine was just what I needed and as we walked into our yard I noticed that the crocuses and daffodils are up in my front yard–the promise of rebirth and renewal right there in front of my eyes.

Late Sunday afternoon there was a football game on TV that we stopped our mad packing activities in order to watch. I’m not a fan of the sport but I was more than happy to settle in on the sofa with a quilt and my iPad to catch up on some things I needed to do while Gerry watched the game and a pot of spaghetti sauce simmered on the stove.

“One more month” has become our mantra as we look ahead to our new life back in Canada. The way is clearer now than it was a few weeks ago as details get finalized and the unknown becomes known. This eases some of my angst and helps me sleep easier.

There are still many things to be done, perhaps even many things I should be tending to today,  but instead I’m giving myself the gift of rest. A cup of tea, some time to work on a jig-saw puzzle, curling up with a quilt and a book, a walk with Maya through the neighbourhood to look for signs of spring, a pedicure, these are the things my weary self needs to set as priority today. And I’m okay with that.

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