Where’s Linda?

Today, I’m honored to be a guest on at Sherrey Meyer’s Found Between the Covers book review site talking about adoption, life writing, self publishing, and more.

Sherrey is a compassionate and talented writer and book reviewer who writes about her own life writing journey, her faith, and the healing she gleans from the writing process at Healing by Writing in addition to reviewing books from a variety of genres Found Between the Covers.

I hope you’ll check out her review of Two Hearts while you’re there too.

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  1. Linda, I’m truly sorry I didn’t get a good link to you previously. Looks like we got our wires a bit crossed. The interview is posted at my writing blog, Healing by Writing (http://healingbywriting.com/2013/10/01/an-adoptees-story-interview-with-linda-hoye/). Hope this will help redirect your readers.

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