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I am an adoptee working on a memoir about my journey to find the truth and healing.  In the process of gathering information over the past year I have spent some time blog-hopping around adoption-related blogs.  I learned that there is a lot of anger, bitterness and pain out there among adoptees who have been denied the right to basic information that it taken for granted by the rest of the population.  Simple things like an original birth certificate, nationality, medical history, the name they were given at birth, and the list goes on.

It’s wrong.  I agree.  As adoptees there are unique things we deal with in our lives, but I have chosen to look at my adoption as a blessing.  Without adoption, I would not be here, nor would my children and grandchildren.   I didn’t always feel this way, and it took many years and special circumstances for me to come to this point of healing. 

Recently I noticed that when I tell someone that I’m adopted, more often than not, they tell me that they too have a connection to adoption.  Once I realized how many of us who have been touched by adoption are out there,  I found that I wanted to create a new adoption community where we can share the blessings and positive aspects of adoption, while acknowledging the issues at the same.

And so, I invite you to share you stories.  Whether you are an adoptee, a birth parent, an adoptive parent, or have a friend or family member in that situation, please share your story by sending an email to armsofadoption@gmail.com and I will post it here. I’ll be updating the Resources page as time goes on.

Together we can start a positive community of those touched by adoption.

  1. Awesome Linda! Wonderful to hear another positive voice,

  2. Thank you, Linda, for starting this blog…

  3. What a wonderful idea this is, Linda! I’ll be stopping by regularly and I have listed this on my blogroll.

    I have several adopted cousins who have nothing short of blessed and a blessing. Friends in New Mexico have adopted two children from Russia. What I don’t know is what these kids have been told about their adoptive circumstances. I agree that the truth would always be the best path to take. All are so obviously loved.

    Best wishes for great successes here.

    Hugs, sid

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