An Update From the Worm Hotel

It’s been cold here for the past couple of days. So cold, in fact, that we moved the worm hotel into the house. So cold, in fact, that if I were to glance to the left and look out the window I would see snow falling.

I refuse to acknowledge its presence despite my husband’s exclamations of “Look at it come down!”. No, I won’t look at it come down. Ignorance is bliss.

Meanwhile, back at the worm hotel, the red wigglers have been busy over the past few weeks making lots of beautiful compost. A few of them have even started moving upstairs to the new floor.

Gerry and I took a trip to Lowes this morning hoping to purchase some new raised beds but it seems we’re pushing the season a bit as none were to be found. I’m delighted at the appearance of the one bed I have outside from last year. At the end of the season we put a deep layer of leaves over the top and covered the entire things with mesh to keep cats out of it over the winter. The outdoor worms have been doing their magic out there too as many of the leaves have turned to compost over the winter.

The tomatoes are doing very well. I’m able to recognize each of the different varieties now – we’re developing quite a relationship with one another as I tend to them every day making sure they’ve got enough water, wind, and light. Perhaps I’ll post pictures of their progress next week.

We’re heading out to visit the happiest place on earth later this week (no, not Disneyland, grandchild-land!) and I expect when we get back home we’ll be able to uncover the bed and get some lettuce and peas in the ground. I’m itching to get some dirt under my fingernails.

We stopped in at Big Lots when we were out-and-about this morning to check out something I saw in the flyer that came with the paper today. They had these walk-in greenhouses on sale for $50! At that price I had to pick one up. In fact I had to pick two of them up. (Yes, Laurinda, one of them is for you!)

No garden updates next week because I’ll be in grandma-paradise. I’ll be back in March – the month spring finally arrives!

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