A Bit More Small

We say of someone that their world has become small as if that’s a bad thing. Maybe we could all use a bit more small.

A bit more quiet. Sitting on the porch listening to morning birdsong, smelling freshly mown grass, and having a time of thoughtful reflection.

A bit more home. Washing dishes by hand, thankful for the dishes we serve food on, and remembering those who have shared space at our table.

A bit more sitting on the sofa paging through photo albums. Reminiscing about people and places, and keeping loved ones alive by telling their stories.

It is in the bit more small that we find the sweetest, most valuable, irreplaceable things.


I’m a writer, reader, and creative. I thought by now I’d have things figured out, but I keep coming up with more questions. I think that’s okay. I’m here most mornings pondering ordinary things and the thin places where faith intersects.
  1. An amen to this!

  2. I love the “shared space at our table.” So many of my fondest memories are of people who shared the table with my most beloved Mom and Ang. Very fond memories. Thanks for the reminder.

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