A June Garden

I don’t know how it  got to be June 16 already! We just returned from vacation visiting the grands and I realized I’m overdue on providing updates on the garden. I don’t know where time goes!

I’m delighted with how the tomatoes are coming along. It’s almost hard to believe that I started each one of these beauties from seed. The Red Delicious Cherry tomatoes are in the foreground; you can’t really tell from this picture but there are flowers already!

The peas are doing very well. I already added the second piece of the cages we’re using for them to climb.

The peas are starting to flower too.

The beets are coming along.

As are the carrots. I love the lacy look of them, don’t you?

The kale is coming along.

As are the different varieties of lettuce I have planted.

The beans are doing nicely. I’m looking forward to seeing a wall of purple pod pole beans here later in the summer.

The peonies are all but finished. I did manage to find this beauty still in full bloom though.

The weather here in the Pacific Northwest has not been very summer-like but the garden seems to be coming along despite the cool weather. Some warm sunny days would be nice though. For the garden and for this grandma.


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  2. It’s true. Here in western Oregon where I live, it’s been fairly rainy and mild but the plants seem to love it and are just growing like gangbusters. Everything looks equally happy in your garden. I don’t mind the rain.

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