A New Outfit

You know how good it feels when you are wearing a brand new outfit that fits just right and is a color that flatters you?

I think that’s how our home is feeling right how.

The rain finally stopped long enough for the painter to finish – it was a busy weekend around here as he worked long hours getting the final touch-ups done.

There are still a couple more things to do on the back, but I think she’s looking pretty spiffy from the front.

Oh yes. The rain started again today.


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  1. Looks pretty spiffy to me ;). Very nice! Reminds me of sweet butter or french vanilla ice cream!

  2. I agree Linda. Your home looks beautiful, all dressed up! Love the soft color. It’s such a nice feeling to have our surroundings in order.

  3. It’s just beautiful! And yes, I know the feeling of having just the right outfit and knowing it looks good on me. The same can certainly be said about your lovely home!

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