A Place Called Home

I don’t believe in coincidence; I believe that everything happens for a reason. And so, when one experience seems to touch upon another in my life, I take notice.

My daughter and I had a conversation a few days ago about what place and home means to each of us.

I spent my early years in Saskatchewan, and the vastness of the prairie landscape and the endless skies say home to me. Though I haven’t on the prairie for over thirty years when I am there I feel planted and filled with a peace that eludes me the rest of the time.

My daughter was born in British Columbia and she longs for the mountains and rivers of that place. She misses the long, hot, dry summers and refuses to call the prairie landscape where she now lives her home. The Rocky Mountain range that she can see in the distance constantly calls her to return.

Yesterday I started reading Together, Alone by Susan Wittig Albert. (I highly recommend it, by the way.) Susan talks about her own attachment to place and home in the Texas Hill Country where she lives and writes with her husband.

There is, in these whispers of place that I am sensing, a message for me. Like Susan Albert says in Together, Alone, “To hear it, I have to be patient, and still, and silent.”


I’m a writer, reader, and creative. I thought by now I’d have things figured out, but I keep coming up with more questions. I think that’s okay. I’m here most mornings pondering ordinary things and the thin places where faith intersects.
  1. You could ask a dozen people what home means and get a dozen different answers. For some of us home is a sanctuary filled with wonderful memories. For others it is a place that we never want to go back to and it's filled with nightmare memories.

    I am envious of those, like you, who long for the "days of old" where home is full of love and fond memories.

  2. I am finding as time goes by that home means being with those you love. I am ready to pack my bags and move to Seattle if God would give my husband work there!

  3. Home is where my loved ones are. I have moved so much in my life I can create "home" anywhere. But if I'm not surrounded by loved ones, it feels empty. Certain places do call to me though at different times. Portland, OR feels like my spiritual home, but Albuquerque, where i live now, is definitely a place I resonate with as well.

  4. Lovely post. Home to me is a great hotel.

  5. Isn't it amazing? "Home" comes with scents and scenes, and may or may not be associated with one's youth. Sometimes music makes me think of, or feel at home. Sometimes it's food.

    Now you've got me thinking …

  6. Once again, we seem to be mulling over the same subject, at the same time.

  7. I still have an emotional attachment to Holland…was raised in Burnaby, but the Island feels like home to me. Maybe it's because that is where I met my husband, had my first two babies, met my long time best friends, etc. It just holds the fondest memories for me. Not to mention the incredible climate, the fresh air, the fishing, the beaches. Aaaaahhhhh…..yes….

  8. There are times I find myself in a place that speaks to my heart. I've moved a lot during my life, but the places that speak to me the most are the ones where I spend many beautiful moments with friends and family.
    And I have to say I am becoming praire girl myself. I love the wide open spaces!

  9. I await heaven to know what that definition truly means.
    Lovely blog.
    ~ Wendy

  10. For me, home is a sense of being– a complete of myself. And sights, sounds and smells can invoke those and take me instantly back.

  11. I love this post. Thanks for stopping by. The summer has been packed (especially with travel to see my new grand-daughter!!) My input… we're pilgrims… I won't be home 'til I see Jesus face to face. But when I have my all my kids around me, my heart is very very happy.

  12. I'm halfway through Together, Alone. It surprised me to learn that Albert didn't find her place until she was in her 40s.

    I've cherished solitude and longed for my own place in nature my entire life. Yet, I've learned that it must be balanced by an intimate connection with another human being.

    I guess the dance we do to find that balance is what Albert is getting at.

  13. You just gave me a excellent idea for a writing prompt. Thank you for the inspirational post.

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