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The following book trailer is for Jennifer Lauck’s newest book Found . I reviewed her book recently over at Story Circle Book Reviews and I recommend it highly for a variety of reasons. First, it is a book about Lauck’s adoption experience that I identify with; I recognize the lack of a sense of self, desire to please, and sense of disconnectedness that she describes feeling. Second, her story is incredible; watch the trailer here and you will catch a glimpse of what I mean. Finally, Lauck has a style of writing that is easy to read and yet goes deep to the emotional part of the story. I appreciate her style of writing so much I purchased her Writing Life series available on her blog.

Elyse Schein and Paula Bernstein’s Identical Strangers is the story of two identical twins separated at birth as part of a twin study. Yes, a twin study. The infant girls were deliberately separated and adopted into different families for the purpose of studying twins. When Schein and Bernstein finally met, they discovered startling similarities which, for me, begs the question of whether nature or nurture is the predominant force in determining our character.

Both of these books give a fascinating glimpse into the subjects of adoption, character, and what determine who we ultimately become in this life. I hope you will check one or both of them out.

What have you read recently that gave you cause to think about something in a new way?


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  1. Linda, thanks for those trailers. Both books sound so great. The identical strangers has my curiousity up about a “twin study?” Oh my goodness. I look for these books.

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