All Grown Up

We do most of our grocery shopping at Top Foods, and I have noticed that they have the best shopping music playing. Many times I just can’t help myself from bopping along as I’m pondering the brand of olive oil to choose, or trying to remember if I need green beans. Being fifty has given me the freedom to dance in the grocery store if I feel like it.

Sometimes I don’t feel like I’m fifty, in fact sometimes the inner me still feels like a child. Yet I can remember a handful of times in my life when I distinctly had the feeling that I was an adult. Here is a list of a few of those times.

  • Sitting in the backyard of the first home I bought all by myself realizing that I owned it
  • When Gerry and I bought our first “real” bedroom set. It’s solid wood and a classic design that I absolutely love. It’s made for adults only!
  • Holding my baby granddaughter for the first time
  • Receiving word that my Mom had died

How about you? What moments in your life made you feel like a grown up?


I’m a writer, reader, and creative. I thought by now I’d have things figured out, but I keep coming up with more questions. I think that’s okay. I’m here most mornings pondering ordinary things and the thin places where faith intersects.
  1. buying first house, first car,deciding what meal to cook for my new husband….

  2. Makiya is sure growing! : ) … childbirth for me.

  3. I had such a moment last night. It was beautiful weather for August, my girls were already asleep, and my husband and I sat on the front deck of this house we own (and have put so much blood, sweat and tears into), looking at stars and talking. I had a conscious thought: How did I get here, to this adult place?

    Maybe you could teach me how to dance in the canned-good aisle?

  4. Building my first house, holding my child for the first time, moving away from home

  5. So many. I don't know where to start. I guess the first would be when I got my first job. Thought I was so important!

  6. Umm, probably the day I realized that one of my favorite, hip, groovy songs that I love to bop around to was being played on the "Oldies" station!

  7. The last couple years, my kids have been growing up before my eyes. In December, I'll have only teenagers and a 20 year old. Turning 50. When my mom died. Giving up fashion for comfortable shoes. Realizing that all my life lessons weren't learned in college, because I was still just a kid. Raising kids — that'll teach you life lessons!

  8. This weekend at folkdance camp I had a conversation with a young girl who is much like a daughter to me. She is 12 and struggling with how and when to express her feelings appropriately. I told her writing in a journal helps me because I can say whatever I want and then, after a while, I can share what I want with others without getting myself in trouble.
    I felt like a wise grown-up.

  9. I will have my first (biological) granddaughter this fall – in October – I think that will make me think, "Oh, I am 52!" *laugh* — but in a good way.

    Hmmmm….responsibility makes me feel a grown up — or small things like -being on time -when I was younger, it seemed I was always late!

    I don't feel 52….but sometimes I look it *laugh*

  10. When I bought my fist car all by myself – including the informed haggling. Also when my first daughter was placed in my arms. After a difficult delivery I remember thinking I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR!

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