Alpine Flowers

Yesterday Gerry and I took a little day trip to the Sun Peaks resort where we rode the chair lift to the top and then hiked some trails enjoying the beautiful alpine flowers in bloom right now.

Alpine Flowers-1-3

I chose to go with the macro lens on my camera and so, while I captured images of individual flowers, I didn’t get the overall effect of the beauty that’s up there.

Alpine Flowers-1-2

Gerry’s more of a big picture kind of photographer so his images portray the overall experience in a way mine don’t.

Alpine Flowers-1

I love that we were both at the same place and saw the same things yet our photographs are so different. Capturing images through the filter of our own mind’s eye is one of the joys of photography.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm here most mornings with a photo and a few words about ordinary extraordinary things and, sometimes, thin places where faith intersects.
  1. I like your metaphor of two perspectives with lenses and filters.

  2. gorgeous

    1. Thanks, Kat. And thanks for stopping by today!

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