It’s Windy

It’s windy again. I stand at the living room window and watch trees sway and silver whirligigs I put in the garden to discourage the white crested sparrows from nibbling on seeds and seedlings spin wildly. Yes, it’s windy. Again. This has been a different kind of spring. Cooler than normal temperatures and relentless wind

A Beautiful Thing

There's something beautiful happening at one of the homes in our cul-de-sac. It belongs to an older woman who lost her husband sometime before we moved here in 2014. I used to see her regularly heading out for a walk on the nearby hills, but I don't see her often anymore. There was a water

In The Aftermath

Gerry and I take a drive one afternoon and end up in a place ravaged by fire last summer. The aftermath is black and bleak and reminds us of last year's deadly heat dome and horrific fire season. It was a tough year for British Columbians and we pray this summer will be better. We

Home Alone

I love my family and I also love my solitude. Right now,  Laurinda is at work, Makiya and Gerry are at the gym, and I'm home alone with the dogs. I danced a little jig when the last one was out the door. The dryer is running and, save for the tap-tapping of my fingers

Snow. In May.

Yesterday, it was a shock of green that caught my attention and today it's a shock of white—as in snow. At the top of the hillside across the valley, barely visible beneath the low cloud, there is a dusting of the white stuff. It's raining here. Real rain. The kind of rain we got when

A Shock of Green

Early in the morning, before anyone else is up in the house save for me and my tiny Yorkie, I stand at the window in the den and look out over the cul de sac. Lawns and trees are greening up and the most daring among us (read: me) have planted annuals in pots. The

And That’s A Wrap

Grandfather and Granddaughter are at  the gym, Daughter is at work, the pups are digging into an early dinner, and I've got a few minutes to pop in here and tie up the week with a post. I lost track of time this week and was certain it was Saturday when I got up this

Simple Tuesday Things

As you can tell, my resolve to return to daily posting isn't going so well. This is interesting, because I've been pondering discipline lately and it seems I need to do more than simply ponder. Time seems to slip away as we walk the tightrope between early spring and full-on spring. I watch weather forecasts,

NOW, it’s Spring

The weather yesterday was glorious, and today promises to be even warmer. There’s no frost in the long-range forecast and I believe we’ve finally crossed over into full on spring. Hurray! Taking advantage of the beautiful sunny afternoon (after Gerry hiked in the morning and I painted), we tended to some things around the yard

Writing on the Deck

I'm sitting on the back deck writing this blog post. How sweet is that?! It's the first time this year I've been able to do so and—fingers crossed—there will be more opportunity to do the same next week. There is a herd of empty pots here with me, and my little pup, Murphy. Lettuce and