Babies, Chicks, and Spring Fever

Last evening a new baby boy was born to one of my co-workers.

Two more co-workers are due to deliver at the end of this month.

Another is due in April.

I received some adorable pictures in the mail today of five baby Yorkies that were born four weeks ago. One of my Yorkie’s, Maya, is the auntie to these sweet babies.

And we’ll be welcoming our third grandbaby in May.

It’s raining babies! It must be spring!

Chicks are arriving at Reber Ranch, just down the road from where we live, in a couple of weeks. I pored over the list of the various kinds of chicks they’re expecting. I want chickens in the worst way but our HOA says they’re not allowed unless they’re show chickens.

Bah humbug.

Unfortunately it seems that all the show chickens are large birds and I don’t want chickens to show, for heavens sake. I want chickens to provide eggs and to improve our soil and, frankly, to improve our lives just by being there and reminding us of a different way to live.

I suppose I’ve resigned myself to the idea of waiting until we retire before we get chickens.

Meantime I’ll get my chicken-fix by checking out the chicks when they arrive at the ranch, enjoying the distant crow of the rooster who lives somewhere in our area, checking out chicken coops on Pinterest, and reading about the care and feeding of chickens in my latest Kindle purchase, City Chicks.

I think I’ve got a titch of spring fever. How about you?

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  1. I do do I do I do I DO have spring fever~! And our unseasonably warm weather that has out-weighed our cold weather (we’ve barely had snow or ice) is tantalizing me even more so!

    1. It’s time for bare feet and capri pants, Kat!

  2. Why on earth would it be ok to have a show chicken, but not a regular one? It’s stuff like this that makes me absolutely insane!

    1. Good question, Becky! Makes no sense to me at all.

  3. Oh, yes! I usually get it the day after Christmas, when I put my Welcome, Spring! wreath on the door.

    Thanks for the lovely photos of redheaded granddaughter and gorgeous chicken, Linda.

  4. I live with Spring fever in my soul. But, old man winter…tries to kill it for me. It’s not going to happen.


  5. I am getting the Spring itch! It’s time to start preparing the garden. Time soon, I hope, to put away the jackets and coats. Time to get outside, open the shades, clean up the BBQ grills. Come on warm weather!

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