Beautiful Sunday


We woke early this morning as we usually do; some habits from our pre-retirement life remain. I’ve been an early-riser for much of my life and don’t expect that to change. The sun wasn’t even up as I rolled over toward the big picture window in our bedroom and looked out at the view that has captivated us since we moved in. Fog, winding its way through the valley like a leviathan, made for an interesting first glance at the day.

Gerry took Maya out for her morning constitutional and returned to the bedroom with two cups of coffee. A lazy Sunday morning, fresh coffee, a good book, a pretty nice way to ease into the day I’d say. Just as the sun was rising I grabbed my smart phone and went to the window to snap this photograph of the foggy serpent snaking it’s way toward the city.

It’s mid-afternoon as I write this. We spent a good morning in church, followed by a trip to Art Knapp’s Garden Centre where I enjoyed a pleasant half hour or so browsing, dreaming, and selecting seeds while Gerry sauntered over to the building supply place to look around.

I’ve secured a plot in one of the city’s community gardens and that was our next stop so I could measure the dimensions of my plot. It’s time to begin planning what to do with the seeds I saved from last year’s garden in Washington as well as the new batch that came home with us today. I’m so excited to start digging in the dirt and I can already envision how beautiful that community garden will look in a few months time.

Finally home, we enjoyed a light lunch and Gerry headed outside to wash the cars (I had forgotten how dirty everything looks at this time of year as it snows and then turns slushy before spring finally lays claim to the land). I pulled out all of the organic veggies I purchased at the green grocer a few days ago and spent a meditative time chopping and reflecting on how happy and content I was feeling and how blessed we are to be home.

I just came down to my office to place an order for a fresh batch of red wigglers so I can get my worm hotel going again–it breaks my heart to have to throw vegetable scraps in the garbage instead of composting them–when I decided to post a quick update here.

It’s turning out to be a beautiful Sunday afternoon, indeed. And that “Sunday evening feeling” I experienced so often over the past twenty-five years? I almost forget what it even felt like.


I’m a writer, reader, and creative. I thought by now I’d have things figured out, but I keep coming up with more questions. I think that’s okay. I’m here most mornings pondering ordinary things and the thin places where faith intersects.
  1. Digging in the dirt will really make you feel at home. Last week I planted some mint in my mini-herb garden and sowed basil seeds. I’ve always bought a basil plant already rooted, but now after a week I see 2-3 tiny shoots from seeds springing out of the ground.

    Yesterday I staked my sweet peas with chopsticks from a Thai restaurant at the mall. I guess I’ll always be a “farm” girl, make that a fancy farm girl. You seem contented and counting your blessings after the long “haul” moving north.

    1. I love that, “fancy farm girl”! Good for you not having success with your basil. Try though I do, I have never had success growing basil from seed. Perhaps this is the year to try again. And yes, I’m definitely content and in blessing-counting mode.

  2. “That Sunday evening feeling”….. In school, when summer vacation hits….. I love realizing on Sunday night and thinking, “Oh yeah! I’m free tomorrow! Yesssss….!”

    1. It’s a grand feeling, that feeling of having our time our own, isn’t it?!

  3. I never much cared for digging in the dirt…though I did it with Mom because it made her happy. Now I wish I had those times back…

    We seem to be experiencing an early spring here (North Dakota)…it’s been 40s here for a few days, and we expect it to continue throughout the week. I’m getting spring fever, repotted some house plants this past weekend, and now I want the snow to be gone, be gone!

    Lovely photo!

    1. Enjoy that early prairie springtime, Karen! A few years ago we were in Saskatchewan in March considering the purchase of an acreage. Sweet memories.

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