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One of my favorite memories from my school days, was when we woul get to bring home the Scholastic book order forms. I would spend days poring over those order forms trying to make the right choice. It was similar to the way that I pored over the Christmas Wish Book every year, only better, because it involved books!

Once I made my final selection, and Mom approved, she would fill out the order form on the back and I would return it to school with the money to pay for the book. Then the waiting started!

I remember the excitement I felt when the books came in. Those of us who had placed orders would receive the books in plastic bags with the order form we had filled out attached. Oh how happy I was to hold a new book!

I still remember many of the titles of those books fondly. I fact, I still have some of the books. My children enjoyed reading them, and I hope that little Makiya will some day too.

Do you remember any of these books?

The Ghostly Trio by Nancy Woollcott Smith
Old Charlie by Clyde Robert Bulla and Paul Galdone
Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors by Lavinia Derwent, Joe Lasker, and Eva Moore
Barrel of Laughs by by Edna Mitchell Preston
The Velvet Room by Zilpha Keatley Snyder


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  1. What a blast from the past this post is. I loved those Scholastic book orders, and the whole process of getting a book. I can still remember the feel of the paper order form, the anticipation. It was such a comforting time. I don’t remember the books you listed, but I remember ordering The Story of Ping for my daughters when they were in grammar school. Do you remember that one, the little yellow duck living on the Yangtze River?

  2. Thanks for this trip down memory lane! As with you, I loved doing the same thing. I also enjoyed getting “Weekly Reader” at school. Some of my favorite books during that time were The Bobbsie Twins and books about horses, like Black Velvet.

  3. Thank you so much for dredging up an all but forgotten memory. The book I remember most was Black Beauty! I also remember going to a book fair at my daughter’s school, where we could browse a room full of books before placing our orders. I picked up a copy of “I’ll Love You Forever” and read it quickly to myself. The ending was so poignant and unexpected that I actually started crying. Several people turned when they heard me, but when they saw what I was reading, they just smiled in understanding!

  4. Oh I remember that too, it was such excitement trying to decide what books/books you could get, my Mom would tell us how much we could spend, and I would spend hours trying to get the most for what I could spend. I remember when my kids brought home there Scholastic Book orders they would do the same thing, or for the book fair they had every year. Thanks for bringing back the fond memories

  5. I remember the thrill of looking through the selections and just about drooling over the possibilities. Although money was tight, once in a blue moon, we got to order a book, and oh, the anticipation!

  6. I do think I remember the Velvet Room although I can’t quite remember what it was about. I wonder if it’s still in print.. not likely. It was a thick chapter book if I remember correctly and I loved it. Funny, I used to order the largest books I could find so that I’d have more to read. Then I’d read them over and over again!

  7. I still have the copy of The Ghostly Trio! Of course I remember The Velvet Room. Here are a few of my other favorites: Katy John, Follow My Leader, Pippi Longstocking, and Arrow Book of Ghost Stories. Many of ours are at my sister’s house and another generation of readers have pored through them!

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