Carpe diem

It is a day off for me today. Gerry has to work so I have the whole day to myself. What a treat! I have big plans for the day as there are things I want to get done around the house, I have a quilting project, and a writing project, and books calling my name.

I got up at 4:45 this morning as I usually do during the week. I find sleeping in a waste of time. Now, I admit that there are times when I don’t want to get up quite so early on a weekend, but usually I want to squeeze as much as I can into those extra hours.
What’s your day off philosophy?

I’m a writer, reader, and creative. I thought by now I’d have things figured out, but I keep coming up with more questions. I think that’s okay. I’m here most mornings pondering ordinary things.
  1. I’m the same way about sleeping, getting up the same time each day, pretty much. The last thing I want to do is sleep away a “free” day. But on those quiet days, it is nice to linger with a second cup of coffee, for sure!

  2. When I have a “day off” -well, I have to force myself to do it – when you work at home, you tend to work 7 days a week! the laptop at the ever-ready…although I’m not really complaining, as I’m doing what i love – but, when I do take time off, I leave the house -otherwise, I’ll pick up the laptop!

  3. When I have time to myself, I usually waste a lot of it deciphering what I want to do most. LOL! I have to get better about just doing, because then I can get more done.

    Enjoy your day!

  4. I love to sleep in. I always have. I really wish I didn’t, though!

    My “day off” philosophy is to relax and enjoy the day, whatever it may bring.

  5. I’m finding there’s not enough hours in the day. I have so many things I enjoy doing. I agree, sleeping seems to be such a waste of time. Today is a “free day” for me, too, so I intend to read and relax.

  6. Being retired is like always having a day off! There is never a day without a “to do” list. I’m learning to shove the list in a drawer and walk away and just enjoy the moment, which is difficult for my type A personality, but I’m working on it!

  7. I’m with you! My husband would sleep 12 hrs. a day on the weekend if I let him, but I say life’s too short to be wasting daylight like that!

  8. Linda, I love your blog. It’s such a warm and friendly place to spend some time. The picture in your profile drew me here. You nestling that beautiful baby. What a treat to read all about her in your post. Congratulations on your first grandchild! I can only imagine how wonderful that would feel!

    Your day off sounds perfect. Time spent at home, alone, pursuing whatever moves me. I wish I was an early riser, but it seems to be a fight against nature for me.

  9. If I got a day off (no kids or husband home and not my night/day at parents’), I’d do something productive with writing – probably manuscript revisions – and definitely take a big fat nap!

  10. It is always amazing how I stumble across new blogs… there was another blog, then something about memoir, an award, then I saw the name of your blog and figured you must have also loved The Velvet Room. I read your first post and was right! I loved that book and now have my own copy and have passed it on to nieces and students. I enjoyed the warmness of your blog. I too love memoir and also live in the state of Washington. I will back again to visit and see what life has to hold in your Own Velvet Room! Oh… and a day to myself usually involves an extra cup of coffee, a walk through the garden, and writing.

  11. What a lovely blob you have here, very calming and cozy :)….. wandered through the door via IEGs beautiful place…. got me cuppa tea and gonna sit and have a little scroll back and read…


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