It’s Friday again—or is it already—and I consider pulling together another Friday’s Fave Five post but can’t muster the effort. It’s been a week. One of those weeks. A week that included a meltdown precipitated by lack of sleep, lack of routine, and no lack of overthinking. Throw in a dash of the news cycle,

Friday Fave Five – October 9

Well, we slogged our way through another week (That’s how if feels. Just keeping it real.). Friday arrives fat with promise and intention to spend a day puttering at home. Seems like another good opportunity to look back at the week that was, because despite the weight that feels so heavy it was rich with

Friday Fave Five . . . On Saturday

It’s been years since I participated in Friday Fave Five by posting five things from the week that sparked joy. In the spirit of renewed appreciation for good old fashioned blogging and focusing on what is good and beautiful in the world, I’m going to join in today. It’s Saturday, so I’m a day late,

Friday Fave Five

I'm popping in today to post a long-overdue Friday Fave Five. Today, I offer you a potpourri for writers and bloggers alike. Photography. Is it just me or does there seem to be an increased popularity in photography of late? Even before Pinterest burst on the scene I noticed that many writers, myself no exception,

Friday Fave Five

We've been enjoying warm and sunny weather here in the Pacific Northwest and that means I'm spending as much time as possible outside. As a result, I haven't been doing much writing; instead I've been curling up on the patio with some great books. What better reason to focus this week's Friday Fave Five on