Chocolate: Not Just For Desert Anymore

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It’s January and we’re all trying to eat healthier. I don’t know about your but after the food-fest that was December I’m in the mood for salad. Recently I came across a recipe for Strawberry Salad with Chocolate Vinaigrette that almost seems like the best of both worlds.

Salad? With chocolate? Count me in!

I found the recipe on the Purdy’s website. For those of you who may not familiar with Purdy’s let me give you some history. Purdy’s is a Canadian company (I was delighted to learn they were voted one of the Best Employers in Canada by its employees in recent years) that has been making high quality and delicious chocolate since 1907.

When we lived here before, before every Christmas and Easter we had an opportunity to place group orders at work. I purchased my fair share of chocolate to give to others and to enjoy at home over the years (Sweet Georgia Browns and Hedgehogs were my particular favourites) and now that we’re home again, it was inevitable we’d end up at Purdy’s before Christmas to pick up a couple of boxes.

Recently, I was poking around on the Purdy’s website to see what new offerings they had and in addition to the many delectable chocolate offerings, I found a recipe section with an assortment of surprising recipes that include chocolate. Chocolate Baby Back Ribs and Chocolate and Beer BBQ Sauce are just a couple of examples. You can browse through the recipes online or download one of their free eBooks.

What I didn’t know about Purdy’s, and was delighted to learn, is that they are the kind of company I am pleased to support. Their chocolates contain only natural ingredients with no preservatives and they’ve been walking the “green” talk for decades. Perhaps best of all is their commitment to sustainability and the support they provide the farmers and their families who grow the cocoa they use in their chocolates. There’s a lot more about this, and the two pillars of Purdy’s Sustainable Cocoa, on their website. This is a company with integrity.

For now, I invite you to head over to the Purdy’s site and check them out for yourself. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and Easter will be here before you know it–but really, any time is a good time for chocolate right? Purdy’s delivers all across Canada and the United States.

Oh yes, and I’ll be sure to let you know when I make that Strawberry Salad with Chocolate Vinaigrette.


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  1. I had chocolate bits with my oatmeal this morning. Chocolate in salad – well, not too much of a leap. Ha! Will have to check out the links.

    1. Not sure I could do chocolate for breakfast, Marian. Honestly, I’m not sure I could do chocolate in salad either but this recipe seems too tantalizing to pass up! I prefer my chocolate alone…maybe with a glass of wine. 🙂

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