I’ve long been frustrated at the number of choices we seem to have in almost everything in our lives. A trip to the grocery store can be a nightmare as one wades through all the different varieties of things like toothpaste (gel or paste, whitening or sensation, tarter control or breath freshening) and toilet tissue (double roll or single roll, quilted or not).

Nothing has prepared me for the task of choosing a new cell phone, though. We are switching carriers and seriously considering doing away with our home phone to rely exclusively on our cell phones. Yesterday I logged on to our account and prepared to make the switch. As I scrolled down the first page, past phone after phone I quickly became discouraged.

I don’t need a camera in my phone, I don’t plan to send text messages, I just want a PHONE! It really shouldn’t be this hard. I feel like I need to do some research into the different phones now so I don’t make a mistake. Just what I need, another item on my “to do” list.

Help me out if you can! Tell me what kind of phone you use!


I’m a writer, reader, and creative. I thought by now I’d have things figured out, but I keep coming up with more questions. I think that’s okay. I’m here most mornings pondering ordinary things.
  1. Linda, I know just what you are talking about…My mother is handicapped so I do a lot of her shopping for her…she sent me to the store to buy her some Boston baked beans…I get to the store Aisle and there is…beans with bbq sauce, vegetarian beans, etc, …maybe 10 different varites with the one brand name…not counting all the other brand names…everything on the shelf but the regular…then I wonder why life seems so much more complicated…
    I will send you an email in regard to what phone I use…have a good day…blessings, Jill

  2. Recently I read that the multitude of choices we have in everything from toothpaste to electronics is creating undue stress for all of us. I just returned from the grocery store and they were out of several items I wanted and so I had to wade through the other choices to pick things that may or may not work for us. Seems like a waste of money and time buying things that we don’t know whether we will even like once we get them.

    By the way, we just switched cell phones and spent two hours at the cell phone place trying to make sense out of all the offerings in our price range with NO add-ons. We got the add-ons anyway and they remain unused! Sigh!

  3. Shoot, I don’t know what to tell you about the phones, but I certainly agree with the thought that there are too many options. I get so frustrated in the medicine aisle!

  4. I recently got the AT&T upgrade after several years (and rough treatment) of my other phone. I wanted the basic model too…no camera, gps, micro recorder, blender or dishwasher. LOL. Seems they don't exist anymore. I was just happy the Samsung I got doesn't flip or slide (more to break!) and is the same sturdy body. All those other features are just wasted on me. Good luck!

  5. Oh dear … I dare say I'm not going to be much help. My hubby and kids all have fancy touch phones with flip-screen texting ability. Me, I have a basic Verizon phone and I love it! My philosophy is this: the fewer gadgets & gizmos a phone has, the less I have to learn.

    As for all the other choices in life, I'm with you. There's just way too many! I much prefer the KISS method: Keep it simple, Sweetie.


  6. Hey Linda! I completely agree with your thoughts on the choices we have. It’s all just really too much! As for a cell phone. We have pay as you go basic phones (it still takes pictures, and you can text, but we don’t use that so much). It’s way cheaper, and meets our needs just fine.

  7. I had a Motorolla Razr and that thing quit working far too soon, in my opinion….so I ordered something on line, and tiny sony erricson – in fact, I didn’t know it was going to be as small as it is! It works fine so far….and it fits in small places, like even in my wallet, but I’m not happy with the battery life.

  8. I use my daughter’s hand me downs! All I want is a phone–nothing else. Mine has a camera that I don’t use nor text. So get a basic one. If I ever have to buy new–that’s what I’ll get!

  9. Oh gosh, I know! I just need a phone – nothing fancy. I don’t need to text message or send photos or have the internet. Just a basic phone will do.

    Have you heard of the Jitterbug phone? It’s very, very basic. You might want to do a Google search and check it out.

  10. I am doing the exact same research about cell phones right now. I have a problem of not getting service from some where I live. Verizon is our best bet so I may upgrade from my pay as you go tracphone. I gave up after an hour this morning. I hear the Verizon stores are very helpful.

  11. Well we got our phones – the fellow at Verizon was very helpful – and they actually do have a basic phone with no camera etc!

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