Creatures of Habit

Our little dogs are trained to use pee pads inside of the house. Recently we returned from a long drive and Maya (our five pound dog with a bladder the size of Lake Washington) ran to the spot where the pee pad should have been and let go. In that urgent moment, routine and habit took over, and the fact that someone had neglected to put down a pee pad was irrelevant.

I have a routine in the morning that is not to be messed with either. Get up, go “potty”, put contacts in, brush teeth, shower, turn radio on, put deodorant on, put moisturizer on, put makeup on (in the same order every day), put lotion on….etc. One thing out of order and my whole days goes pffttt!

It’s not that have some crazy kind of OCD disorder, but by establishing this morning routine, it frees my mind to wander and think about more interesting things (like my morning blog post!) rather than what needs to be done next. My body is on auto-pilot, and my mind is either in the office or in blogosphere. It’s also useful to have trained myself to follow this same routine for those times when I’m late and need to rush through it. It’s simple, no thinking or extra planning is required, just ramp up the speed!

So Maya, I understand your little mistake perfectly. We’re two of a kind.


I’m a writer, reader, and creative. I thought by now I’d have things figured out, but I keep coming up with more questions. I think that’s okay. I’m here most mornings pondering ordinary things and the thin places where faith intersects.
  1. That’s a nice way to look at routine. I’m the same way, especially in the morning, and it’s amazing how much “work” I can get done while going through the motions of routine, plot points simmering, characterization building, settings taking shape. Oy, the writing never stops!

  2. Oh woe to me without much (or any) natural metabolism to get my mind & body cranking early in the morning. Routine — potty, brush teeth, drag to the coffee pot, swill swill swill……then, and only then, let the day begin.

  3. It’s true, Joanne…I get so much done in my mind before I even leave th house!

  4. I never heard of a pee pad for a dog!! I love my routine too. My husband brings my computer to the bed and I sit here and read all the blogs and catch up before I get up and have my breakfast!

  5. Terri it sounds like your husband is a great guy! My hubby brings me coffee and my computer on the weekends as well. It’s such a treat to sit in bed and catch up on blogs. I’ve even been known to shop from bed.

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