Facebook – A Tool for Adoptees

I love Facebook. I like the way I can keep a finger on the pulse of what is happening with people I might otherwise not be in contact with. I like the way I can get to know people better as we share the seemingly inconsequential and insignificant events of day-to-day life. I like the photographs people share, especially the ones of my grandchildren!

Now, I have reason to like Facebook even more. Adoptee Beni Cunningham is using Facebook as a tool to find her birth mother. It seems to me that using social media networks in this way is one more benefit of the age of technology we live in. When I first came into contact with my birth family on my birth mom’s side I had to spend weeks waiting for letters to be delivered and it was not easy to get to know someone that way. By the time I came into contact with the paternal side of my family there was internet and email and I received emails and pictures quickly from my sister and niece.

I wish Beni all the best in her quest and applaud her for using the tools available to locate her family. You can read more about this story here.


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  1. it is fun to keep up with others you might not get to keep up with….

  2. hope all is going well your way…

  3. I do understand! It can take so many long and harrowing steps out of the process of finding someone.

    Hugs, Linda!

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