Fall Harvest

I’ve moved the posts from my gardening “glog” over here–apologies if you follow A Slice of Life Writing in a reader and were inundated with gardening posts this morning! In the interest of simplicity I’m wrapping A Grandma’s Garden in with this site. All of the gardening posts will be grouped under the A Grandma’s Garden tab at the top.

We arrived home from vacation yesterday afternoon and I headed out to the garden today for some fall maintenance.

This photograph was taken after I cut back the spaghetti squash and zucchini plants.

The harvest total is eight beautiful spaghetti squash! I’m delighted! There are also three more huge zucchini. I’ve enjoyed trying all sorts of recipes for zucchini this year. Obviously I’ll be looking for a few more in the coming weeks.

The Red Delicious Cherry Tomato vines were heavy with fruit.

I picked a huge bowl and there will be plenty more where those came from before the week is finished–especially with the sunny and warm temperatures in the forecast.

I leave you with couple of grand photos taken last week. I miss those kids already.


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  1. Lovely times, lovely harvest — so glad you had the time to step back and enjoy.

    1. It was a pause that refreshed, Sherrey!

  2. Dear Linda, what beautiful veggies and fruit! Those tiny tomatoes are like gleaming jewels. Peace.

    1. They do, don’t they? I’m delighted with each one as a grew them from seed this year!

  3. What a bountiful harvest, Linda- your best crop being those precious grands. Delightful!

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