Finally Friday

Why is it that a short week can feel so long? I had Monday off (and hubby had to work) so I was able to spend the whole day writing. What a treat!

Of course this week at work has been busy, and I’ve felt like there hasn’t been enough time to get everything accomplished that is on my list but, I’ve been very disciplined about leaving on time, mainly because I’ve had committments after work that I needed to tend to. Today, I hope to have time to mark some things off my “to do” list, but who knows what will happen!

I have a typical weekend planned, shopping, dog washing, office organizing, writing, potluck with friends……

What plans do you have for the weekend ahead?


I’m a writer, reader, and creative. I thought by now I’d have things figured out, but I keep coming up with more questions. I think that’s okay. I’m here most mornings pondering ordinary things.
  1. Thank goodness for weekends, eh? 🙂
    Hope you have a great one!

    Tomorrow is my best friend’s birthday, so a few of us are gathering at my house for dinner, gabbing and movies. And a dear friend of ours is speaking at church Sunday; I always look so forward to his testimonies. It should be a fabulous weekend.

  2. I am going to set aside some time to work on the second novel. It’s drafted out but needs SO much work.

    I also want to just find some time to laze about and do nothing much at all! Turn the laptop off and dream or nap or ..whatever!

    The hard part about working at home is you never seem to take time off as you do when working 9-5 M-F….it can be as if a hamster on a wheel thing!

  3. I plan on doing as little as possible, but will have to do some chores. Hope to work on ms revisions and get some lazy time, a la Kat Magendie’s vision. 🙂

  4. I’m gonn’a try and finish my mom’s quilt…..i’ve got some new project i want to start……Have a great one!!

  5. I'm trying to recuperate from three miserable days of fibromyalgia. It's finally suppose to get back in the 70's this weekend and the warm weather will sure make these ill body parts feel better! And maybe I can catch up then on my "to do" list.

    I plan to go to Whole Foods and stock up on my vegan goodies. Then it's off to Barnes & Noble to restock my reading supply!

  6. Sounds like a pretty full weekend. I had Monday off but spent most of the time at the new house doing a walk through. This weekend I HAVE got to finish lesson 7 and send it off, go to Wally World (WalMart), give the dog a bath, and start packing up some things for the move. AND I want to finish the book I am currently reading…”Nights in Rodanthe”. Yeah for the weekend.

  7. Tons of stuff to do today before my husband gets home–just lots of catching up!

  8. Janna – enjoy your BFF birthday!

    Kathryn – I hope you get some R&R time. My husband used to work out of our home and so I understand how hard it can be to shift gears.

    Angie – I like that idea of doing lots of not every much!

    Blue Ridge – Ahhh quilting – now theres a wonderful way to spend a weekend! It's been too long since I spent a day quilting.

    Donna – sorry you're still struggling with FM. Take good care of yourself.

    Ang – there's always LOTS to do before a move!

    Terri – enjoy your reunion!

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