Friday Fave Five

Another week has flown by–it’s amazing how quickly the work week goes when you take both Monday and Friday off like I did this week!

It’s been an exciting week since the official release of Two Hearts and I’ve been blessed to hear from a number of kind folks who have already read the book. I treasure each and every email, phone call, conversation, and note I’ve received from you. And these flowers? They were a surprise from my coworkers! Truly, I feel abundantly blessed thanks to all of you.

As we head into the weekend let’s take a look at my Friday Fave Five for this week.

  • Adoptive Parent Educator and friend, Judy M. Miller, wrote about the importance of listening to adoptee’s stories and shares my view about the importance of openness in the adoption experience. She wrote a lovely review of Two Hearts on her site.
  • Declassified Adoptee Amanda has written a beautiful piece on Adoption Voices Magazine called A Letter to My Prospective Adoptive Mother that will touch your heart.
  •  I came across this post called An Adoptee’s Perspective on Love and Why Truth Matters on Susan P’s blog, Family Ties and I found myself silent cheering as I read it. Susan says that “Truth and transparency are always better than lies and deception, and it is truly unethical to say that adoption must operate outside of those very basic and fundamental moral values.” Amen!
  • Gardener extraordinaire, Sharon Lovejoy, shares some photos of her recent antiquing adventure. If you haven’t checked our her Lowe’s creative ideas blog head on over and get inspired!
  • And today, I’m over atWomen’s Memoirs today demystifying the ISBN and what it means to self-published authors.

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend all!

We’re heading north for a “grand” time, what are your weekend plans?


I’m a writer, reader, and creative. I thought by now I’d have things figured out, but I keep coming up with more questions. I think that’s okay. I’m here most mornings pondering ordinary things.
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  1. Linda, I enjoyed your post on Rachelle Gardner’s blog and browsing your site. What a lovely gift to yourself and your family that you took the journey of discovering yourself. I’ve added your book to my GoodReads list and look forward to hearing your story. I am also a transplant from up north to Washington state. Hope you are enjoying your ‘grand’ weekend!! ~Denise

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