Friday Musings

Good morning. It’s Friday.

I could do a Friday’s Fave Five post and give you a list of highlights from the week. I could do a Five Minute Friday post, writing for five minutes to a prompt (this week it’s middle). Or I could just write and see where the words take me. I choose door number three.

This morning I watched the changing colours of the pre-dawn sky and thought of a haiku.

Pink kisses soft clouds
Sun rises, day begins.
Promise and peace reign.

I love waking up early and starting the day in wonder. It sets a tone, you know?

We’ve enjoyed a mixture of rain and sun this week, it’s good for the gardens. My little backyard garden is planted and is a source of delight when I stand watering it. (I know, all the rage is for drip irrigation but I get such satisfaction from the meditation of hand watering, I’m not likely to jump on board.)

Almost everything’s planted in the community garden (The first sowing. I will tuck tiny seeds in the ground all season as things grow and are harvested.) Today, I’ll put my tomatoes and basil in the ground. That will leave cucumbers and a pattypan squash; I’ll tend those tiny seedlings at home for a while longer.

It’s going to be warm this weekend. Hot, even. We’ll be without electricity again, but no matter. I don’t need power to write, read, paint, tend my garden, or daydream.

The world is still groaning and I’m still waiting and watching—seeking wisdom above knowledge, faith over fear, and love over indignation. Working on those things, at least. I’m not perfect. Who among us is?

At this very moment there’s a tiny three-pound Yorkie on my lap with dark eyes as big as saucers looking up at me. (Figuratively, of course. They’re more the size of dimes. Remember dimes? Once I could purchase a candy bar with one. I haven’t held a dime in my hand for years, preferring cards over cash. Shops prefer it that way now anyway, I hear.) Anyway, back to my pup’s eyes.

Oh, too late. They’re closed now. In perfect peace and total trust, he’s fallen back asleep. I think there’s something there for me to glean.

So, another Friday, and where the temptation was once to grab it full on, rushing through to make it to the weekend, now I linger. One day is much like the other so there’s so need to rush and there’s such richness in simply being present.

That’s my goal for this day. What’s yours?


I’m a writer, reader, and creative. I thought by now I’d have things figured out, but I keep coming up with more questions. I think that’s okay. I’m here most mornings pondering ordinary things.

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