Friday’s Fave Five – September 24

Remember when I used to show up here early every morning? Yeah, me too. But those days are not these days. My morning quiet time is shorter now and there’s only so much I can fit in. It’s a changing season but it’s all good.

Today is Friday and I have nothing on my schedule. Woo hoo! I’m spending the day at home with the dogs, reading, writing, researching, puttering, and making plans. What a treat!

I almost forgot that it’s Friday, though. Time to look back with a Friday’s Fave Five post at some of the gifts of the past week.

Baking. I don’t particularly enjoy it, but I do it for those I love. This week: oatmeal cookies, bran muffins, and a lemon meringue pie.

The weather. Fall is starting out absolutely beautifully! I’m still wearing capris and flip-flops and will hold off as long as I can before switching to long pants and socks and shoes.

Survivor. Yes, that Survivor. Gerry and I are big fans of the show and look forward to the new (slightly shorter and somewhat different) season. It kicked off this week and now we have a set Wednesday night date for the duration.

My car and Sirius XM Symphony Hall. I did a lot of driving this week. On Sunday, Makiya and I came home from our weekend junket to see her mama and pay a last visit to her orthodontist in Prince George. This week there have been dog groomer appointments, a trip to the grocery store, theatre class, and an appointment with her new orthodontist (who, coincidentally, practices in the same office space where I took my kiddos to 30-ish years ago for their treatments).

My garden(s). We pulled out the tomato plants this week and harvested the first of the last crop of green beans in the community garden. The backyard garden has fed us with carrots and huge radishes. We’re preparing to put both gardens to bed for the season and I’m happy for the break and the opportunity to take stock and make plans for next year.

That’s about the extent of things as life tumbles along with new back-to-school routines and Makiya adjusting (easily, it turns out) to the changes in her life. We’re looking forward to her mama arriving in about three weeks and a whole new set of adjustments! I’m so happy they’re able to make the move and that we’re able to support them through the transition. Tired, but happy. 🙂


I’m a writer, reader, and creative. I thought by now I’d have things figured out, but I keep coming up with more questions. I think that’s okay. I’m here most mornings pondering ordinary things and the thin places where faith intersects.
  1. Sounds like you enjoy classical music, Linda! So do I. My dad loved it and even became very knowledgable about many of the composers and their works. He wired speakers throughout the house (with off-switches–just in case WE weren’t in the mood!) so he was never without Mozart, Schubert, or Tchaikovsky. His love rubbed off on me. Where did your interest come from?

    1. I really do like classical music, Nancy. I don’t know where my interest came from, but it’s been something that I’ve enjoyed for most of my life in different seasons.

  2. I am still working on my garden. The tomatoes are definitely slowing down, but the kale is going strong, AND I planted a fall crop of lettuce, spinach and more kale (yes we like it!).
    I do appreciate the cooler weather too.
    We are big mystery fans, especially British murder mysteries. Right now we are enjoying Vera, set in Newcastle-upon-Tyne area.
    I hope you enjoy some cool but sunny weekend time.

    1. I planted kale for years and we enjoyed it. This year I had one plant for kale chips which our daughter and granddaughter enjoy (though I never got around to making them!). We are huge British TV fans too, Willow. Right now we’re working our way through DCI Banks. Looking forward to a sunny and warm weekend – hope you enjoy one too!

  3. what a nice list of blessings!
    I love fresh garden produce but since I”m a full time special education prek teacher I don’t have time or energy to garden on top of household chores, ministry duties, and working out. But i LOVE giving our local farms the money for their goods 🙂

    I don’t watch that series but i AM making my way through Heartland (set in canada) because we LOVE horses here in my house and our oldest girl did equestrian sports for about 7 years plus collected all the Heartland books. So that’s my show I watch (on Netflix while chopping veggies and dusting). Dave and I have movie dates come the holiday season and I’m really looking forward to that 🙂 Enjoy your date night!!

    The weather here in eastern NY is just perfect lately….i’ll take it since July was rainy for most of the month!!

    YUMMY!! We love oatmeal cookies…now I wanna go back some!! 🙂

    Happy Weekend!!

    (Is Makiyah a granddaughter??)

    1. Yes, Makiya is our granddaughter. ?

  4. I don’t enjoy cooking in general, but I like to eat. 🙂 My husband has had struggles with his blood sugar lately, so we’re trying to lower carbs. But all those goodies sound great. They’re especially nice with a grandchild in the house.

    We’re starting to have fallish weather here, too. Feels so nice. I love this space between the extremes of summer and winter.

    I didn’t grow up with classical music, but I grew to love it in college. I haven’t listened in a while, though–something I should rectify.

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