The sun rises and kisses the trees with light so golden it makes me believe in magic.

And the hills across the valley are spring-green. And purple lilac buds grow plump. And yesterday morning I saw, too many to count, mountain bluebirds flit back and forth from the budding Virginia creeper to the lawn and back again; and later cheerful yellow finches did the same.

“Glory is what God looks like when for the time being all you have to look at him with is a pair of eyes,” Buechner reminds us. Surely these momentary visions from my living room window are as glorious as anything can be.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm here most mornings with a photo and a few words about ordinary extraordinary things and, sometimes, thin places where faith intersects.
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  1. Your writing is so beautiful Linda. I could picture the bluebirds and finches flitting back and forth. At the moment I am looking at four walls so I appreciate the images. Ben and I were in an accident. All okay except I have a sprained foot and our truck is wrecked…I wrote some on the blog but I haven’t written about all the grace we experienced after the accident.

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