What does this photograph say to you? To me it says “home”. These proud beacons of the prairie, the few that remain standing, call to me in my dreams and bid me to return.

I wonder if as we grow older, and perhaps wiser, something within us awakens and amidst the clamor of our day-to-day lives enables us to hear a whisper that calls us back to a simpler time. A slower time. The place where we began.

As our lifestyle changes to fit our circumstances does something within us protest, causing physical aches and pains that are a manifestation of the discomfort we feel at not being in the place where we belong?

Can an attachment to a place be as important as it feels? Is it nostalgia or is it something more? Is it really true that “you can’t go home again”?

What do you think?


I’m a writer, reader, and creative. I thought by now I’d have things figured out, but I keep coming up with more questions. I think that’s okay. I’m here most mornings pondering ordinary things and the thin places where faith intersects.
  1. nice photo….lovely post

  2. I raelly don't think we can go home again cause we are so changed. THough, I wish we could–I have memories I wouuld love to redo:)

  3. Yes, home calls you back wherever you are. It's not nostalgia only, it's something deeper than that, I think. I went back – back and forth, back and forth. I'm still not sure where home is.
    Blessings, Star

  4. Well I certainly think it's something more than simple nostalgia…just like you mentioned the body aches and pains, the body, mind and soul are one, connected… When things are not as they should be in our world, they absolutley manifest as physical ailments. It's in your heart and mind, so very obviously much more than just a simple attachment! <3 <3 <3

  5. Perhaps after living a life "away" we can better appreciate the lure of the place where we grew up. I have experiened this after travelling for extended periods of time. I love all the wonderful places around the world, but nothing clings to me like the landscape of home. Linda, I'd be happy to welcome you back to Saskatchewan when you make the move, so be sure to let me know!

  6. You know, when you think of disease as dis-ease, I think it's perfectly true that when we are not at ease, contented, where we are in life, career, place, it can manifest itself in aches and pains and other ailments. I also believe if there is A place that calls to us, we may not be able to create our original home, but we do need to listen to that calling voice.

    I don't see home in your picture but I do see peace…

  7. Those whispers get louder all the time. I've come to believe that the richness & simplicity of those other times, are the richness & simplicity we will relish in eternity; in our eternal home.

    No, we can't go back, or return to the home(s) of simple hearth; but we can sure plan for the hearth to come. It's our heart's longing, and it whispers to me more-and-more.


  8. I've tried going home again and even though the physical places were still there and the memories, I couldn't relive the life that had been.

  9. What wise women you all are – all with unique perspectives – but all wise!

  10. I think one can always go home. The ambiance may be different (like returning to your elementary school as an adult, when views and perspectives are so different), but you can find it again.

    I love the "down home" feel of that picture. It's like many we pass along the highway, driving to visit my extended family.

  11. Love the picture. Home calls to us, but I agree with Terri even if we go it will be different because we've changed. But going home always brings a sense of peace and belonging:)

  12. I used to think home was a place, but then I learned it was people. Since the people aren't there any more, it doesn't feel like home. In fact, going home hurts. But now I can write about the place and the people in a way I couldn't when I lived there.

  13. Have had a houseful of company and just now got around to reading this. If you posted this on the same day that I posted that quote from Susan Tweit, about being homesick, I'd say that's a pretty cool (almost eerie) coincidence!

  14. Becky – I did post this on the same day you posted the quote by Susan Tweit! Eerie, isn't it.

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