Leaning In

I see memes on social media about introversion in the time of self-isolation and social distancing. “Introverts have trained for this our entire lives” they say in some form or another. “This is our time. Let’s show them how to do it.”

I smile because staying home is not a hardship for me. It’s what I do. It’s kind of my superpower.

There are plenty of other things to be concerned about in a pandemic. You know what they are as well as I do; I won’t start listing them. They’re the things the grind away in the background when we’re going about our day and wake us in the middle of the night. They punch us in the gut at random times and whirl like funnel clouds threatening to catch us up in them.

People of faith, we have trained for this. This is where the rubber of what we believe hits the road.

Whether your faith is that there is a God or that there is not a God, if you don’t have any doubts, you are either kidding yourself or asleep.

Frederick Buechner

Honestly, I chafe at platitudes and other such things tossed around like confetti. In a time of turmoil I need something with more substance. Maybe that’s why I like reading the psalms. You won’t find platitudes there, you find real and raw emotion. Doubt, fear, and a depth of faith that I need to lean on in these uncertain times.

Yesterday, when the rock in the pit of my stomach felt especially heavy, I thought about how much more difficult it would be for me to walk through these days without the rock of my faith. It’s tough on all fronts. Fear about the future and the present is in no short supply. The tentacles of impact this thing will have stretch years into the future for all of us.

So, yeah, I can show by example how to hunker down at home. It’s easy and delicious for me. The bigger questions are: can I show by example how to love well? Do my actions reflect what I believe? Does my faith conquer my fear? The answer is sometimes. Probably not as much as I’d like.

Today I begin again. As best as I can. We all stand at the starting line in the first waking minutes of the day. Let’s just stand together (appropriately socially distant) and hold one another up and lean hard into our faith.

# # #

Oh. I finally photographed those tulips with my big girl camera. Makiya took a few shots too. They’re still on my camera card as I haven’t had time to download and process them. Perhaps today.


I’m a writer, reader, and creative. I thought by now I’d have things figured out, but I keep coming up with more questions. I think that’s okay. I’m here most mornings pondering ordinary things and the thin places where faith intersects.
  1. I love your title of this piece, especially in this time where we are cautioned to “stay away” from each other. The idea of leaning in to my God is a great comfort. Thanks, Linda, for your words of encouragement today.

    1. Praying you and your family are well, Judy. This time of social distancing when some things grow quiet offer opportunity for us to hear the still, small voice. A gift in the midst of this chaos. 🙂

  2. Linda, I needed to read these words and taken them in, especially today. Thank you.

    1. Paying you and Bob are well, Sherrey.

  3. Linda, your post was what I needed today, as “the things the grind away in the background when we’re going about our day and wake us in the middle of the night” really got to me this week. I find myself weeping at the drop of a hat for the losses being experienced globally right now – not only the loss of life (worst of all), but the loss of so many aspects that make life beautiful. Thank you for helping us find beauty through your words and your camera.

    1. Oh Maggie, I too have been on the verge of tears so often this week. Doing my best to keep our home one of calm for the sake of our granddaughter. Praying for you this morning.

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