Leaving Behind and Carrying Forward

So, here we are on the last day of 2009. New Year’s Eve has never been a big thing for me; it’s just another night as far as I’m concerned. Tonight, Gerry and I will likely enjoy sitting in the hot tub, perhaps looking at the skies with his new telescope, and I’m sure we’ll be fast asleep before the clock strikes twelve.

The message that our pastor gave last Sunday was about things we should leave behind as we move into the new year, and other things we should carry forward. This morning, in a less spiritual vein, I was thinking of some personal things I would like to leave behind as we enter 2010 tomorrow.

  • high cholesterol
  • about “nn” extra pounds
  • sore feet (sorry Val!)
  • hot flashes
  • insomnia

As I look over this list I realize that it’s the list of an old woman – a grandmother even! And I realize that it IS the list of a grandmother, and that is the greatest blessing of 2009!

I’ll take these things as we move into the new year and I’ll try to improve what I can and embrace what I can’t.  I’ll do my best to carry foward:

  • healthy eating habits
  • commitment to exercise in a way that suits me
  • flat shoes
  • refreshing sleep
  • my memoir
  • new writing goals

And most of all, I’ll carry forward being the best wife, mother, grandmother, sister, and friend that I can be.

And I’ll close this year with yet another picture of my beautiful granddaughter!

Have a Happy New Year all!


I’m a writer, reader, and creative. I thought by now I’d have things figured out, but I keep coming up with more questions. I think that’s okay. I’m here most mornings pondering ordinary things and the thin places where faith intersects.
  1. I will ditto you on some of those things to leave behind:))
    And sooo happy you have a lovely granddaughter! Isn't grandparenting wonderful?
    Have a Happy New Year–we'll be in bed early too!

  2. Leaving behind and carrying forward — I like the sound of that. Much more motivating than "resolutions." I empathize with the sore feet and high cholesterol! At least you have the joys of being a grandmother. Me, I just have the aches and pains of one!

    Happy New YEar!

  3. I say if that list means grandmotherhood, then so be it. I would rather be a grandmother of my fantastic grandchildren than be 30 again.

  4. We're the same way, Linda, preferring a night in and a normal bedtime. I'm almost ready now, even.

    Happy New Year!

  5. you have the joys of being a grandmother. Me, I just have the aches and pains of one!

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  6. What a great approach! Being a grandmother myself, I could identify with several items on your list! May God's grace and peace, love and provision carry you gracefully through the coming year!

  7. Hmmmm, yes, hot flashes…I can relate! LOL

    Have a Great New Year and may you reach your goals.

    From a fellow Washingtonian (for part of each year……..)

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